Italian Design Olive Tree Timberlake Edition

We build and reuse any product from footstools, wine tables, coffee & dining tables, and worktops varying in all shapes and sizes.
Timbers such as Oak and Yew are generally used.
There is a large number of different wood types and colors available to use:
In the middle we often use the colors:
  • blue
  • black
  • green
  • white milk and more

We build tables up to 30 persons for meeting, dining or for your company. During the build process, we are in constant communication with the customer, ensuring they are happy throughout the build. Even though we do our best to make it feel like the customer is there during the build they are always breath taken once they have received their very own, bespoke Italian Designs furniture and we can guarantee you will be too.

You can use all our products and it will create a very good image. Wood gives Wellness and is CO2 neutral, through our programs.


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