Design Management

MICHAEL.DK can maintain or improve your Design Management in a way which is including Design Manuals, Fonts, Commercials and all internal materials from the Marketing Department such as campaigns, newsletters and seminars e.t.c.

The storage is directly on DIX (in DTU, Danish Technical University) in Denmark with an INFORMATION CARE system which includes 2.048-bit encryption for secure and safe storage of any kind of materials including contracts and patent development e.t.c. We never use Cloud Computing, we on keep all storage in Denmark with deduplication and backup through 3 server hosting centers and we have 17×47″ Rack Units for our production.

MICHAEL.DK has made around 500 Corporate Logo Designs, around 2.000 product logos, newsletters and banners and near 1.000 web designs. We also published like 90 books and more thans 1.000 book campaigns. Also we on daily bases are publishing art and music for different companies and international agencies. For better quality application and web development, perfect SEO, CSS & HTML Validation, please contact me at +45 32177777 (no sms).

Marketing and Design Management

Marketing Management is all the campaigns a company or a public institution does to communicate. That is E-Mails, Newsletters, Videos, Campaigns, Adds, Printed Catalogues and data sheets e.t.c. Design Management is to maintain high quality within the Marketing Management.

According to science you only have 1/2 second to catch the consumers interest, and that he will never come back again, after he, in that 1/2 second, decides whether your domain is something or not. Together we can ensure that these seconds will be a good first impression. If you never heard about this from your current designer, then reconsider this valuable information.

One of the factors to success is that we do not reinvent or do manual programming of all the things again… Since there are many others which have done the same, with higher security and facilities we use of course what there is out there which saves you big time and is much faster.

In the day’s APP and web market, you may notice that facilities and services shift very fast. It is always a good idea to keep your website, marketing and Design Management up2date.

The Return on Investment and the value-added facilities that MICHAEL.DK is supplying is easily seen and measured. It is documented always for more sales, better communication, better service and better Brand Building.

We can produce:

  • Branding including Corporate ID for companies, organisations, artists, authors, politicians, actors, influencers and investors
  • Marketing through Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, TV, Newspapers, Influencer Top 1000, local countries, catalogs, internet and by email, sms…
  • We can produce Flyers, Catalogs, Newspapers, Newsletters, Social Media Influencer Network, audiobooks, Books, Book Covers, Flyers, Top stands, Commercials also with 3D Effects and Book promotion and distribution tools for best price
  • Music CD’s, Music Distribution and Social Media Kit for music, books, artwork and so on

Corporate Design, APP- and website disciplines:

  • Logo and Brand name recognition value for measuring your Market Reach, Trust, Negative Response, Contact Price and Loyalty
  • APP and Web Measurement is how many faults you have on your website and what to do from there
  • Usability (Usability Index goes from 0-100)
  • Psychological Design (Values goes from 1 to 50)
  • Core Values of your products and company (VMV)
  • Vision Mission Values (Values goes from 0 to 10)
  • Social Media Penetration is how high your integration is with Social Media, Blogs
  • Media Penetration Value is how much integration you have trough printed media
  • TV Penetration is how high your penetration is to the TV, Video and DVD audience
  • Viral Media, OOM = Other ValueAdd Organisations (measured by 0 to 20)
  • Other key factors are: innovation, time to market, value-adding, bundling, B2B agreements, price, references, testimonials, good scores and no bad storytelling

The world’s majority of web surf is already mobile

MICHAEL.DK can design a Mobile Application and/or an innovative well designed and appealing website. That’s it. I also call it Value Added Agile Design. Se the reference section to explorer some of the sites made by me.

Most important is that I can ADD services, functions and designs to any webpage depending on your needs. That could be a product logo, a portfoli0 that looks nice, a tab system, a video system, a login for your customers or dealers and many other functions such as tight integration to Social Media and service websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, eBay and many other services.

Also in the field of Marketing and SEO, I can give many references of NO. 1 placement in the search engines. Many just talk about the possibilities for that, while I can give many references of active top placements which they have been for many years.

Competitiveness is the ability to maintain a strong brand and innovative marketing strategy

Michael is offering a wide range of services to maintain and add functionality to your website. The services you can see on the menu and is a wide range of products and knowledge. Most people never had used a project leader or a Design Management or Marketing Management software before.

Since most companies maintain large budgets of Marketing this might be a good idea. The benefit is to maintain control and quality. The quality is a precise measurement of the results that the marketing have created. is offering precise measurements in every marketing and online campaigns such as; WHERE does the customer come from? HOW is the guest behaviour on your site? WHAT is the effect of the campaign = what did this customer cost me?

Real time monitoring of your brand and contact price

Our systems can IN REAL TIME see what the customers DO on your site. You can see WHERE they came from, and WHERE they go afterwards. Also, you can see personal information such as browser data, nearby or precise location, IP address, operating systems, computer type and much more.

Also, it is able to track down the customer’s Facebook or LinkedIn profile. The system also maintains the connection to your Mail Server and ERP systems such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, OpenERP, Navision, Concorde and many others to match exactly the IP address of your customer, by checking his IP address from the e-mails.

The benefit of that is the precise and accurate control and measurement of every campaign. The cost of that is from 10 € pr. month in a yearly contract.

IT Outsourcing & Cloud Computing

We do offer some of the best services in the field of Mission Critical Systems, Cloud Computing and HPC High-Performance Computing. The offerings is available in 39 countries in 73 destinations. Your company can easily easy start globalization in our concepts. Services also contain Virtuel Server, Virtual Desktop, Video Streaming, eLearning Systems, eCommerce systems, Marketing Systems, Project Management, Open Source CMS platforms and much more.

MICHAEL have done services from a wide range of the largest companies in Europe and USA including, Carlsberg, BASF, ISS, IBM, Vista, A.P.Moeller, Mærsk, many municipalities, government, banks and many smaller companies. You can also see some references and cases recommendations.

Web and APP Development in a higher gear. Sites and APPS can contain tight integration to Social Media Sites and Services, online video chat, video conference, IP audio conference, learning systems, collaboration, project management, 3D or ordinary product presentation, copy protection, discussions and much more.

I can maintain a high quality of the design in value-added designs. Also, I can give your company many of the eye-catching facilities and designs which will give you a better corporate profile and first impression. You can also watch

Who is Michael?

Michael has delivered services to many of the largest companies in Denmark, Europe, Asia and the USA.

The branches are:

  • Life Science
  • Publishing companies
  • Advertisement Bureaus
  • Shipping companies
  • Airline companies
  • Banks
  • Breweries
  • Municipalities
  • Government
  • Military
  • TeleCommunication
  • IT businesses

For a complete reference list go to my companies on the front page or call us.

You can also see some references and recommendations.

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