Font Design

As a LogoDesigner i have made around 1.000 logos and 22 unique fonts and around 90 edited fonts… Many do not think that most logos are made of a speciel unique or edited font typeface, either made from a existing font library or from scratch in our Font Design programs

It is always a great pleasure to work with Typefaces and Logos, and my 25 years of experience can come in hand once more…

Connecting Web Design and Font Design

I really wanna make the best possible Logo and Corporate ID, which means a lot more than you can ever think about… ! And the same about our HTML5 based web designs wich always will recieve 100% in the Google PageSpeed Insights tests. Read in NEWS… as you only have 0,5 seconds to catch ANY interest from a visitor. From the LogoDesign all fontdesign started, as we made a type library from the letters from which we made the logo.

I have ben making Font Design and Logo Design from the government down to the handy man and the startups… The experience and winning competitions in graphical design and the experience from some for the biggest enterprises gives the title as some of the Best LogoDesigner in Denmark…

A logo represents a part of your Corporate ID, and with each logo from 200 EUROS and up i also deliver a Design Manual for your company with hand made designed fonts and design and logo for all from business cards, etiquette’s and the video and adds who represent you company and win orders in front of others…

Ready for web design advisory ?

As a webdesigner i have made around 2.000 web designs for web designs in all from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other disciplines which my office of 44 associates represents… we design what you wish for… but also tells you what is best in design, service design and usability…

Procedure for ordering a logo or total Corporate Redesign is simply calling me on +45 32177777 ext. 333.

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Kindly regards and best wishes from…
Michael Rasmussen Valiantin…

We are producing fonts for Corporate and Governmental use.

These fonts requires a font designer and usually takes 3 weeks to finish after delivering a set of prototypes.
The font design will mirror the core values of the business it gonna be used in, and ensure that its readable in any size, any use and any print…

The main purpose of buying a font type for your business is to stand out with excellent design and fonttypes.
A font type is to be used with the web, print, video, flash and multimedia.

The logo can also be made in this font, and be a registered trademark.

As a group of danish font designers we can

  • make fontdesign which is standing out, and which will create the best results for your company
  • (not many can do that) make your font in different font weights like condensed, super bold an italic versions.
  • take a existing font you like and make it yours = around half price
  • built in icons, logos, product logos, QR Code, signature, brand and even a slogan
  • make 3D versions for Flash, Video & Cutout for commercials, exhibitions e.t.c. of existing products- and brand names

FontDesign can be protected so no one else can abuse it

The cost for a fonttype is usually around 10.000 EUROS and includes masters and a Design Type Manual as a reference for the whole Corporate ID if it is not available already.

Normally it takes around 100 hours to create a typeface. In addition to this fee, there is extra costs for special country characters.

Visual Communication is the key in every new font… FontDesigns can create feelings in appearance and is the key to a Corporate ID.

Icons are the new alphabet of communication

You can supply / include ICONS in your design… in the same font and in your design… Strong designed icons, simple and pure is the best. You decide the rest… A font type can also contain graphics, dingbats, logos, signatures and even graphical pictures.

Having your own distinct typeface is an excellent way to show the world, that your company is taking communication seriously.

IconDesigner with insight into symbolism and psychology

Most bigger companies are having their own typefaces and Icons, which is modified to fit the needs of especially marketing and sales department.

The cost of a typeface is very low, and can be used infinitely… in all publications from businesscards to magazines… from TV to WEB, from exhibitions to print on products.

Examples of typefaces used by corporate and industrial use:

More to come… Here are some other logos & types made by me: