CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the companies

Michael Rasmussen & Associates has designed a CSR profile consisting of efficient techniques for recycling and minimization of energy consumption as evidenced by our label. As our client, you will benefit from our vast experience in recycling and editing of previously developed modules, which can save substantial production time and up to 50% of overall development costs. This also results in significant CO2 savings; a win-win situation for you, for us and for the nature.

As your trusted partner in social accountability, we are committed to ethical values, communities and protection of the natural environment. Michael & Associates including the word trademark Verio® and the recruiting section Talent Finder A/S ® meets the CSR adopted as law in 2008 and the UN GLOBAL COMPACT recommendations addressing social responsibility.

Michael Rasmussen & Associated Partners and related trademarks ® has a social responsibility covering human rights, social conditions, labour, the environment and climate. As your partner, our CSR approach integrates seamlessly with all your business goals and operations. We offers a suite of CSR solutions to ensure good social responsibility in both security and workplace conditions, ensuring that your organization and suppliers meet the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors and customers.

Global Life Science Supplier Management

  • Collection and cleansing of supplier information
  • Completion of business profiles
  • Risk-based analysis and reporting
  • Verification services
  • Benchmarks and measures your factory against peers in your sector, country or global marketplace
  • Improves your factory rating with regard to product quality, safety, social, security, quality and environmental performance
  • Checking the CSR and Green ability

Think Green Initiative (TGI) – The Sustainable Approach to the Value Chain

  1. Enables manufacturers to complete the trilogy: Think Green, Act Green and Be Green
  2. Allows factories to simultaneously demonstrate environmental performance and improve profits
  3. Control of the actually achieved results and publications

Life Science Supplier Qualification Program (LSSQP) – Manufacture with Confidence

  • Aligns with the general requirements of US and European organisations
  • Provides factories with improved controls and processes for managing product quality and safety
  • Incorporates elements of GMP, BRC, FMEA and ISO principles, supported by product-specific modules for softlines, medical and pharmaceutical practices and surroundings.
  • Certifications and Compliances with CSR, Ethics and ability to reach goals set in those statements

Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) – For improved innovation Performance

  • Evaluates factory workplace conditions and puts working hours into perspective by benchmarking against sector, country and global averages
  • Demonstrates performance on real issue. Good Workplaces = Happy Employees
  • New approaches for assessing, bench marking and communicating workplace performance in order to measure the positive progress made and identify areas for improvement
  • Measures how you perform against global, country and industry-specific benchmarks

Michael Rasmussen & Associated Partners supports locally

  • SOS Children Town’s
  • Save the Children
  • Unesco
  • Amnesty International
  • WWF
  • Doctors without Border
  • We also support banks which support Microcredits for the third world

Contact Director Michael Rasmussen on +45 32177777 ext. 240 for more information about our Social Responsibility initiatives.

Michael Rasmussen can make your CSR integration for your own page/company

We can make web design and delivery of CSR for any industry or company type. The price is only 1.995,- including 1 hour talk about what to have on, who to support and so on.

Including in the price is the ability to select of 28 different CSR models in your country.