Fund Raising

For starters and current institutions and companies we can supply Fund Raising on a professional level. With more than 25 years of experience i have done Fund Raising and Marketing campaigns and projects for Humanitarian and other NGO organizations, Government, Knight Orders, Churches, Hospices, Hospitals and many well known private owned companies as references.

The Fund Raising Concept

I can assist with the production of materials, magazines, logos, campaigns, trademarks and also get the Fundraising Team into work. The Fundraising Team consists of currently 42 mature professional Fundraising Marketing people. We can deliver:

  • Fund Raising by a mature Fund Raising Team for organisations, product, services and start-up businesses
  • Split Revenue Fund Raising like ex. selling office articles or subscriptions by giving a percentage of the sales
  • Funding by searching all Funds and Legates in each country
  • Project funding, money guarantees and paid travel expenses by the  Foreign Ministry in each country
  • General Project Funding through Ministries, Municipalities and EU funding for many industries
  • Consul-to-Consul Diplomat and embassy work for project relationships between 2 or more countries
  • Export related projects for sales, funding and special project such as Knowledge Distribution
  • Humanitarian Projects with all funding through NGO and Ministries and Government Organizations
  • Special EU and EMEA funding for starters and special industries like renewable energy, energy and fuel industries and waste management
  • WinWin Beneficial whish projects for companies with split earning to help organizations
  • Financing of the projects

Al projects consist of a precise knowledge of each country of precise contact info and current policies for each funding possibility. Also local or international knowledge in how to mass apply for programs including information transaction for those programs who declare insight in where you will apply for funding. The SAAS software solution also maintains a database for newsletters to the same receivers.

Partners and references in Fund Raising:

  • AgilUdvikling A/S is specialized in globalization and can grow companies on many markets simultaneously. In some cases we do sell companies, especially to foreign companies, if they contain products, which have a value for the international community.
  • ABCDesign A/S – the softwaremaker for fundraising and the campaign leader for Marketing and for Fund Raising Programs.
  • Santander Bank, Spain
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • The World Bank
  • Development institutions

I have been involved in the following project industries: Companies like Vestas, Gaudriout, University projects from DTU, KU, AU, Hospital Projects within Rigshospitalet, Hvidovre Hospital and KAS. Nordisk The OpenSource projects for the hospitals is made by Michael Rasmussen Valiantin.

My references for project funding of projects: Nordic Ministerial Council, Embassy of Sweden, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark, Danida, NOAH, Greenpeace, Give Blood, Amnesty International, Red Cross, Help the Poor, Icare, ActionAid, Tibet Charity, Charity Society, Government of Senegal, SOS Children’s Villages and Save the Children, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Senegal…

My references is :

            European Regional Development Fund Symbion A/S              EIB logo  Life logo    INTERREG  CONCERTO IEE banner

Please call for an WINWIN offer.

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