Proactive Consulting

Michael is a professional advisor for some of the biggest companies and governmenttal institution within the EU. Michael is providing documented Proactive Consulting in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Fund Raising or Venture Capital
  • Project Management
  • Innovation
  • Community Building
  • Business Building including SEO with documented position
  • Intelectual Property (protections Patents and Trademarks)
  • Marketing, Social Media and Advertising for Google and Facebook and around 400.000 media channels world wide

Michael is also providing ADPP Development, Responsive Webdesign Development of Applications and Hosting to government, ministries, municipalities, military, advertising agencies, dealers, banks, airline companies, breweries, video- SAAS- CMS- CRM- EPJ and ERP providers.

Contact me for an offer by phone or e-mail michael @ michael .dk