Information Care with CMS-IN-A-CLOUD and Private Cloud

CMS in a box, is the advanced version of any Enterprise CMS system with the functionality from Enterprise Computing which includes the hardware and the CMS software. This combinations has many advantages.

Today many CMS systems is hosted on the same server hosting provider or the same Virtual server. In both cases your data is not encrypted and the many security holes is not giving your the ability to trust that your data is safe.

The data could be e-commerce data such as credit-card numbers and customer info or contract and other information that you don’t want to share with the guys that you share a server with or the Internet.

The popular Danish Server Hosting Center, Verinet has declared attention Information Care with this new product, CMS-IN-A-BOX. It comes in 6 versions and all of them has 1 click install of more than 125 CMS systems and programs and millions of extensions such as e-commerce, credit-cards, collaboration suites, project management and video conferencing.

It contains 2.048 real time encryption on the SAN or Raid, so even if the server is hacked, the data cant be of any use, with out the proper key. This kind of high encryption level is known from Military Mission Critical Solutions, where the data and security, has the highest priority.

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