Agil Udvikling med Holographic Hololens og Oculus

Agil Udvikling is hereby updated in a new version of the old design… I hope you like it…

In the next weeks we begin to integrate learning videos of Agile Development in the login section…

It might only have any interest if you are new into SCRUM, Agile Development, eXtreme Programming, Prince2 and many other certifications…

The 3D Holographic Web

From there we develop the new way of working with video, 3D holographic and also the change of the website to be 3D holographic. Check in we are soon implementing also the ability to navigate in a 3D Grid world not only your self and web navigation but also for robots and drones.


holographic Microsoft Windows 10

Jobs for developers

If you are a developer please send email or call +45 36934846 – we search people who can do Java, JavaScript, Ruby, .NET / C / C++, PHP, Python and especially HTML 5 Graphical Sharks…

We have our own development servers on DIX and also we do a effort in developing new not seen ideas… if you have any become a development partner here, whether you are a programmer or not.

Check it out… The website is:

Here is a screendump:


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